The Iota

Unparalleled Elegance

IOTA’s are designed to provide vertical storage where no wall is available for support. The unique Iota-Narrow can serve individual or two adjacent bicycles, while Iota-Wide provides two bicycles with stalls 24 inches wide, where required by municipal guidelines. The tower is constructed from square tubing to foil attack by tube-cutters, the bicycle is always suspended by its frame and the locking member also serves to steady the front wheel, with the same thick rubber sleeves at carrying points, which are user replaceable if necessary.

The Iotas share the proven installation method and hardware with SIX non-removeable anchors for each rack. Installation is remarkably quick and easy, with SIX non-removable anchors for each rack, giving exceptional security. Only a hammer-drill and hammer are required for installation. All our models come complete with instructions and the necessary hardware for concrete.

Iota Wide

Iota Narrow


  • correct use is intuitive, as the rack is sized to suit a bicycle wheel
  • the bicycle is always supported by at least two point contact
  • the frame and either wheel of the bicycle may be locked with a U-style lock
  • thick polyester powder-coating is gentle on the frame of bicycle


  • multiple sizes to facilitate planning
  • tough, one-piece, all-welded steel construction with excellent durability
  • compact layouts, easy and secure surface installation (on concrete is recommended, special details for other substrates)
  • carefully considered, attractive details for safety, appearance and vandal-resistance

Installation is remarkably quick and easy, with only hammer-drill and hammer, and all models come complete with layout instructions and all hardware.

All racks include fasteners and instructions for secure installation on concrete.

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