The Altwood Municipal Bench

The Solution for the 21st Century

Length O/A – 73″
Height O/A – 38″
Width O/A – 29″
Seat Height – 18″
Seat Width – 18″
Weight – 190 lbs.

Frame: Steel Pipe – 1½” DIA. HD 0.188 Wall
Frame Finish: Sand Blasted, Zinc Coated, Powder Coated, & Baked
Boards: 2 X 4 Altwood Synthetic Lumber

The Altwood Municipal Bench is a truly unique bench in that it has been manufactured and designed to address the environmental, durability and maintenance issues facing municipal governments in the 21st Century. Featuring a combination of Altwood Maintenance Free Synthetic Lumber and a frame of heavy duty Steel Tubing, the Altwood Municipal Bench represents the most durable, maintenance free, environmentally responsible bench available on the market today.

Made in Canada

  • The system utilized to manufacture Altwood, is the only commercially viable and totally non-polluting process available today for recycling mixed plastic waste from municipal and industrial sources.
  • The Atwood Municipal Benches European styling is aesthetically pleasing and designed to blend in with outdoor natural surroundings, while at the same time complementing contemporary architectural environments.
  • Vandal resistant design and bolt through construction create a single, solid unit
  • Ergonomically designed for seating comfort
  • Heavy wall steel tubing frame is zinc-plated and powder coated, assuring an attractive finish and years of durability
  • The frame is available in standard colors, or may be matched to specifications.
  • The Altwood Municipal Bench synthetic lumber component is available in three earth-tone colors – grey, brown and green
  • Can be bolted down to surface or set in concrete
  • Comes assembled or in kit form

Environmentally responsible

Take pride in the fact that with every Atwood Municipal Bench implementation, you have diverted over 100 lbs of plastic waste from our landfills, prevented arsenic from leaching into our water tables and are actively participating in value-added recycling. Not to mention the reducing the demand for forest products in non-essential applications.

  • Altwood is 100% recycled and 100% recycled product
  • Altwood is inert and does not support bacterial or fungal growth
  • The Altwood manufacturing process is totally non-polluting
  • Altwood prevents the potential for skin infections commonly caused by splinters from CCA treated benches

Maintenance Free

The Altwood Municipal Bench is totally sterile, rot and weather proof and UV protected. It requires no painting, no staining, and no scraping…ever! Altwood boards will not absorb moisture, rot, crack, warp, splinter and are highly resistant to impact, abrasion and vandalism. In addition, graffiti is easily removed with solvents.

Financially Prudent

  • Priced competitively with pressure treated wood options, the Atwood Municipal Bench represents a sound investment for the future. Lifecycle costs are significantly lower (virtually nil), and the cost of the Atwood Municipal Bench when amortized over time represents a fraction of the costs incurred by having to maintain less durable product offerings.

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