The Pi

Smart Economical

Our Pi series is an economical, smart looking multiple rack in a one-piece, all-welded steel tube design. The entire rack is finished in polyester powder-coating in a choice of colours.

The tubing is cleaned mechanically and chemically, then phosphated and polyester powder-coated in our super-thick Maxi-Coat.

Pi 2

Capacity: 4 Bikes (2 per side)
Height: 30”

Pi 6

Capacity: 6 Bikes (3 per side)
Height: 30”
Length: 30”

Pi 8

Capacity: 8 Bikes (4 per side)
Height: 30”
Length: 44”

Pi 10

Capacity: 10 Bikes (5 per side)
Height: 30”
Length: 58”


  • correct use is intuitive, as the rack is sized to suit a bicycle wheel
  • the bicycle is always supported by at least two point contact
  • the frame and either wheel of the bicycle may be locked with a U-style lock
  • thick polyester powder-coating is gentle on the frame of bicycle


  • multiple sizes to facilitate planning
  • tough, one-piece, all-welded steel construction with excellent durability
  • compact layouts, easy and secure surface installation (on concrete is recommended, special details for other substrates)
  • carefully considered, attractive details for safety, appearance and vandal-resistance

All racks are supplied with fasteners and instructions for surface installation on concrete, in your choice of standard colours illustrated on prices/orders page.

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