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Prices are F.O.B. Plant, including fasteners and instructions for concrete, unless otherwise discussed. Packaging, freight, brokerage, related charges & applicable taxes are extra and vary with the size of order.
Payment Established Contractors & Property Management Companies may send a Company Purchase Order, and forward payment immediately upon receiving goods and invoice.
Individuals unknown to us, please send Money Order or Certified Cheque with your order.
Shipping Most orders can be filled from stock and shipped overland, within days of payment.
Out-of-stock & special order items or finishes can usually be completed in 2-8 weeks.
Special Colours Available from a wide palette at extra cost and longer lead times.
Canadian Dollars   American Dollars
Boa ~ Series:
Standard finish is extra-thick Maxi-Coat polyester powder-coating
over wheelabrated structural steel tubing.
Boa-4   $380 CAD
Hunter Green
Semigloss Black
Boa-4   $380 USD
Boa-6   $465 CAD Boa-6   $465 USD
Boa-8   $590 CAD Boa-8   $590 USD
Boa-10   $675 CAD Boa-10   $675 USD
Boa ~ Stainless Steel Series:
# 4 Architectural finish 304 Stainless Steel Pipe
Due to fluctuations in Stainless Steel please Inquire to obtain our current price
Boa-4   Inquire
# 4 Architectural finish 304 Stainless Steel Pipe
Boa-4  Inquire
Boa-6   Inquire Boa-6   Inquire
Boa-8   Inquire Boa-8   Inquire
Boa-10   Inquire Boa-10   Inquire
Pi ~ Series:
Standard finish is polyester powder-coating over round steel tubing.
Pi-6   $245 CAD
Hunter Green
Semigloss Black
Pi-6   $245 USD
Pi-8   $315 CAD Pi-8   $315 USD
Pi-10   $380 CAD Pi-10   $380 USD
Pi ~ Stainless Steel Series:
Ornamental Stainless Steel Tube 1.500" dia.
Pi-6   $645 CAD
Stainless Steel
Pi-6   $645 USD
Pi-8   $765 CAD Pi-8   $765 USD
Pi-10   $880 CAD Pi-10   $880 USD
Individual ~ Series:
Standard finish is polyester powder-coating.
Delta   $48 CAD
Semigloss Black
Except by special arrangement.
Delta   $48 USD
Lambda   $44 CAD Lambda   $44 USD
Tau   $68 CAD Tau   $68 USD
Iota-N   $120 CAD Iota-N   $120 USD
Iota-W   $150 CAD Iota-W   $150 USD
Vertex   $65 CAD Vertex   $65 USD
Pi-2   $82 CAD Pi-2   $82 USD
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