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In many urban centres today, provision of indoor bicycle storage is a municipal requirement for development. For every location that architects have found to store bicycles, we have a specific rack style to meet the need.
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The Individual Series racks are designed for one bicycle, but subtly engineered to accommodate a second bicycle.
For Builders:
  • Many different models for space efficiency, very low-cost and high security.
  • Layouts and spacings can be adjusted to suit project. Installation on concrete is fast and secure.
  • Heavy, one-piece, all-welded steel construction, excellent durability with powder-coated finish.
  • Easy avoidance of other building details such as electrical and mechanical obstructions.
For Riders:
  • Bicycle is always supported by its frame so that delicate spoked wheels will not be distorted.
  • Solid steel rack frames cannot be defeated with bolt-cutters or tube-cutters; plus tamper-proof anchors.
  • Thick rubber sleeves at contact points save bicycle finish and are user replaceable.
Installation is remarkably quick and easy, with only hammer-drill and hammer, and all models come complete with layout instructions and all hardware.
For complex interior storage projects requiring planning and/or layout creation… please call. We would be pleased to design several layouts for your approval, at no charge. We would need such information as: dimensions of the chosen area and locations of door swing and any other obstructions, type of wall and floor construction (concrete, asphalt, wood frame etc.), your desired bicycle capacity and whether you prefer capacity or comfort. The versatility of our models allows us to satisfy either requirement, if you inform us in advance.
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